Isabel Fletcher is a textile artist who explores the way overlooked production offcuts can act as portals into the craft of their industry. Reframing disregarded offcuts as glimpses into the craft of making, she aims to increase empathy for possessions and encourage a reduction in consumption and waste.

Working intuitively by responding to the nuanced properties presented by offcuts, Isabel’s sculptural works take on ambiguous forms. She is fascinated by materials and their transformation from 2D to 3D. Stitching, draping, gathering, tensioning, separating, layering, cutting, joining: these are processes Isabel utilises when critically interacting with her materials as she seeks to identify their three-dimensional possibilities. The abstract nature of the work allows the mind to wonder and imagine beyond the now normalised systems of take, make, waste. Imagination is key.

With a practice rooted in craft but working across art and design depending on the project, Isabel has collaborated with brands such as Kvadrat and TOAST and has presented work in both solo and group exhibitions, including ‘Waste Age’ (Design Museum) and ‘Eternally Yours’ (Somerset House). She regularly runs workshops and completes commissions for galleries, interiors, and clothing.



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Working with Isabel Fletcher

Isabel Fletcher runs regular workshops, takes on commissions and collaborates with brands.  Having worked with fashion brands and architects, as well as material biochemist inventors, Isabel’s approach to design is ever-evolving and adapting.

Examples of work to date include:

- Collaborating with British fashion and lifestyle brand, TOAST on both their ‘Renewal’ and ‘Eternally Yours’ projects. 
- Working with architects and private clients to develop bespoke interior textiles.
- Hosting private workshops with Kvadrat for client events.
- Running regular public workshops including for London Craft Week.
- Taking part in residencies and group exhibitions including the Design Museum’s ‘Waste Age’ (2021).
- Developing buttons from bio resin in collaboration with Chip[s]Board
- Collaborating with choreographers, dancers and videographers to create performance pieces and short films inspired by the Studio’s designs

Isabel Fletcher welcomes the opportunity to collaborate so please get in touch.
Studio Isabel Fletcher 2022