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Studio Isabel Fletcher is a London based clothing and textile design brand with a focus on sustainability. 

The Studio works with materials that have a minimal impact on our global environment.  Its designs take inspiration from the often overlooked and undervalued details in our everyday lives.  Whether the offcuts on a workshop floor or the hidden layers within furniture upholstery, these shapes, colours and textures inspire functional works of art. Studio Isabel Fletcher views life’s leftover scraps and remnants, not as waste, but as the starting point for further creations.

From a starting point in Fashion Design, the Studio’s creative output has broadened into textiles and homeware.  Continuing to evolve into other channels, the Studio maintains a focus on eco-friendly art forms.

Each collection from Studio Isabel Fletcher is launched as an interactive installation. This enables the viewer to understand the environmental message behind the designs while appreciating their aesthetic value in person.  The Studio has exhibited with Squire & Partners architects and Makerversity at Somerset House.

Working with Studio Isabel Fletcher

In addition to producing in house collections, Studio Isabel Fletcher takes commissions from private clients.  Having worked with architects and designers as well as material biochemist inventors, the Studio’s approach to design is ever-evolving and adapting.
Examples of work to date include:

- Designing and producing rugs and cushions for private clients
- Producing interior textiles for architecture firm Squire and Partners
- Developing buttons from bio resin in collaboration with Chip[s]Board
- Participating in group exhibitions such as the Freedom from Torture art auction (alongside artists such as Antony Gormley, Edmund de Waal and Cornelia Parker)
- Collaborating with choreographers, dancers and videographers to create performance pieces and short films inspired by the Studio’s designs

Studio Isabel Fletcher welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with interior designers, architects and other creative organisations. Please get in touch.

Stocking Studio Isabel Fletcher

All designs are made in the Studio with a view to being upscaled and stocked by suitable retailers.  If you are interested in selling its designs, please contact the Studio to discuss.

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