Offcut Rug

The first phase of the Offcut project was an intricate clothing collection inspired by the colours and bold shapes of workshop offcuts.  For the second phase, fabric remnants have been worked into a range of sculptural rugs and wall pieces.

“The ethos of this project is to help people view the potential for fresh design in offcuts. Scraps are not rubbish.  People must learn to respect the materials they use, and consider what happens to them once they have been discarded.”

To produce Offcut One, Studio Isabel Fletcher worked with a variety of sustainable materials such as British Herdwick wool felt, organic hemp and linen mixes.

The rugs and wall pieces in this collection feature a modular design.  Built from a series of interchangeable panels, each product is highly customisable to suit any space.  There is flexibility to vary the design within each panel, changing the composition and aesthetic of the overall piece.

Herdwick wool felt, hemp, linen.  
Date of Production
April-September 2019

Studio Isabel Fletcher 2022