Beneath the Surface One

For this project Studio Isabel Fletcher used recycled wool carpet underlay as the basis of the collection.  Working with this fabric follows the theme of using interior materials designed to be hidden from view and showcasing them as beautiful materials in their own right.  Using interior materials and exploring the possibility of what can be achieved brings with it many challenges and difficulties.   Yet through the process of thorough experimentation, the Studio was able to see what this new material's capabilities were and how they were able to manipulate it and work with it to create a unique collection that is true to it’s design handwriting.

Not only did the Studio use a material more commonly associated with interior spaces, but also sourced inspiration for the collection from iconic pieces of furniture by designers and architects; Frank Lloyd Wright, Joe Colombo and Roger Tallon.

The collection was presented as a dance performance to show that despite being a conceptual collection, all the clothing was still truly 'wearable'.  The dynamic interaction between the dancers and the clothing brought the clothing to life and this vibrant way of presenting clothing will always be integral to my work.

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Wool Underlay, Neoprene, Cotton, Bed Springs, Nylon Mesh.  
Date of Production
April 2018

Studio Isabel Fletcher 2022